Recently i bought a Headset to replace my broken Aurvana live headphone for multimedia entertainment and after listen to it, i came to realise that it isn't as good as the previous one. well the bass is good but its not the best i've listened to~~~~~

Step into the rainbow, find another view
Chase the tender light, borders let's cross over
Ready to define the mists inside your heart?
Take a breath and start your life
Waves of a new day
Clear all the gloom away
Hope is what we simply need to proceed

(Magnificent isn't it? how a simple lyric can change a person's life. Yes it had.)
Fine day.

Nothing left to fear, l'Cie
Cradled in eternity
Shore of sand, your fate awaits
Oh surrender in the light
Possible to hear the sea
Harmony is all we need
Shore of sand, your fate awaits
Oh surrender in the light

Believe in yourself~~~~

Its been a while since i've last posted, everybody have been busy with other friends , as for me, i'm looking for part a time job, timezone didn't call me , oh well looking forward to work at takashimaya, its good pay too.

U were betrayed by ur friends? Then why do u them call them ur 'friends'. U will end up being cheated by them again and again. Move on and find some real friends who have a good-heart. I mean if they betray, they are using u. It sounds really hard and rude to say this, i didn't mean to be so. But sometimes we have to be more clever than being good to them in a situation like this. Dont let urself in a situation like this. It's high time u understand 'how ur friends actually are?' In a way this will help u in future in how to make good friends. Its just an accident, try to forget it and focus on ur life, be happy, its ur life, they have nothing to do it. And they are no-one to betray u, unless they have a reason. Go and ask them why they did so,if they owe you a lame reason, then move on. But if u understand what mistake of u they were trying to make u realise, then its upto u to decide, apologise to them and renew ur friendship. Because friendship is more precious to life.

went looking for another headphone at and found some good bargains.. hopefully they'll reply to my sms..its raining now...Rain

as usual.. i'm now lying around my room doing nothing..maybe later going to CWP to play arcade.lazy to go suntec today.... need to get steady B rank for house of the dead 4!!

continues : came back from CWP. oh man ''the house of the dead 4'' machine was laggy, made my shots inaccurate..... no matter... i've made a new discovery heehee.. there's a brand new ''Dj Max technika''!!! oh man i am so in to this! i really felt that i'm in the world of music when i played it!! it was magnificent.. its like reality bridged together with the world of music.. hopefully that when i'm at adult age. at that time technology should be far more advanced. and they can build a simulator bringing you to the astounding world of music!!!

sighs~~~ i didn't know that tomorrow is a holiday..i'm gonna be bored.. no friends wanna hang out with me~~ i am very abandoned... True friend..where can i find you? trying to be someone's friend but its really u can see.... =.=

heh.. those who really know what true friends are dosen't really exist in singapore... prove me wrong.. ( no offense, just words from my heart deep within, there's always a dark side)